Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DIY Washi Tape Glitter with Tamy

TITLE:    DIY WASHI TAPE GLITTER by Scrapbook by Tamy

Hi Off the Rails Scrapbooking readers! Here is Tamy, all the way from Brazil :) 
 I am here today to share something cool, pretty and easy with you.

You will need:
-double-sided tape
-Craft or makeup glitter
-Nail varnish base or top coat or hairspray
-Cleansing tissues (wet wipes)
-Paper or a tray to protect your working area

Let's get started, it's very easy.
Cut the tape on your desired size, spread some glitter over the tape, and with your finger try to make it even and also remove the excess.

Keep repeating the process as many time as you like also using
 different colors and put aside.
Once you have all the tapes you want, place a sheet underneath them and spread 
some top or base coat over them to make sure the glitter stays on place.
Wait for the enamel to dry, clean the back of the tape with wet wipes and it's ready, 
you can use your tapes in all the projects you want to.

You can also watch the step by step on my channel.

Few ideas on how to use the glitter tape you just made.

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God bless you
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