Friday, November 6, 2015

Natural Elements

Today we have Sandi on the blog with another one of her clever and gorgeous tutorials

Re-use, Recycle, Re-purpose project.

I have always enjoyed re-using or re-purposing items from my recycling box, I re-use wrapping paper where I can, ribbon, boxes, paper bags etc. Boxes are perfect instead of wrapping paper, giving your present a personal touch and making it very special for the person who receives it.

With my mums birthday coming up soon I thought it was a perfect time to decorate a box for her to place her present in. So while I was on my camping and geocaching holiday with my hubbie I thought I would take my scrapbooking supplies along and create this for my mum.

Items used:

Recycled items including:
-Cardboard box that I received my computer battery in.
- Photo of mood board printed for colour reference and picture inspiration 
- Bottle base found at my campground on the ground
-Ring pull from a can: found at my campground on the ground 
-Empty pill blister pack
-Twine from presents and miscellaneous places.
Natural elements from my camping holiday:
- feather from 'Kryal Castle' in Ballarat
-gum leaves and nuts
Scrapbooking supplies:
-Ranger Gesso from Kaszazz
-Ranger Gel medium (matt) from Kaszazz
-Set of watercolours
-Deco Art media Crackle Paste White.

 1. Remove labels from box and cut out verse and recycle symbol. 'Green' one of our child care crocheted cats watched over the process of this project to be able to go back and share the techniques with the children ( the child care cats travel on holidays with our families and staff, writing about their adventures in their books.).

2. Place gesso on with spatula then let dry. Then add crackle paste to area you want to crackle.

 3. Using the flat side of the blister pack add gree water paint that has been mixed with Matt gel medium and then place the painted pack surface onto the gesso area of the box in a stamping style. Repeat with a yellow watercolour mix. 

4. Splat surface of box with orange, brown, green and yellow waterpaint.

 5. Thanks to my friend Fiona's inspirational idea, I have twine tied around my molding paste container ready for use. I have 1 string, 2 string variations.

 6. I looked around the campsite and found a variety of leaves, nuts, rubbish and flowers to use to decorate the box. 

7.I placed brown watercolour paint to the base of the broken bottle and when I placed it onto the box moved it slowly twisting it in a circular motion to obtain a circle and not just a dotted circular line.


8. Adding the verse and recycle symbol and the natural/recycled elements to my box finished off my project.

Thanks for popping over to checkout my latest tutorial. For more inspirational pieces of art drop over to Off The Rails Scrapbooking to view other amazing artists.


  1. Wow, Sandi....your box is AMAZING !!!...I love the natural elements..

  2. Beautiful project from recycled items ... so inspiring!

  3. Amazing Sandi!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!xoxo