Friday, October 23, 2015

Wendy's Tutorial

Changing up a predesigned digital page

Hi folks,
It's Wendy here sharing how I change up predesigned digital pages. 

Both traditional and digital predesigned pages are good for quickly creating a layout, but sometimes they lack depth and they don't showcase your own special creativity. Just like you can add elements to a traditional page to enhance it, so too can you to a predesigned digital page. The following page was very quick to do because I used the predesign as a background.

This is the page I started with. It saved a lot of time because the design had already been done.

Here it is after including my photos.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's quite a nice page but It looks somewhat flat, and the photos don't stand out. My first objective was to make the photos pop, this I did by matting all the photos in black.

See what I mean about highlighting the photos? After being satisfied that the photos were distinguishable from the background, I set about adding to create more depth.

I didn't really like the items in the foreground - I wasn't keen on the colour, nor on how flat they looked, so I went about adding elements that I preferred. I added shells, birds, sea creatures, nets, a lighthouse and sand.  Another thing I didn't really like on the original page was the apparent lack of movement in the water. I changed the colour of the water and added texture to provide movement. Below you can see my original layout, just using the predesigned page, side by side with the changed up layout. 

I like the final layout much better because it has more depth and dimension.
I saved a lot of time by using the predesigned page as the background. This was a very quick layout for me, but I still managed to stamp it with a bit of my style. 

It doesn't matter whether you are a traditional or digital scrapbooker, these hints are just as relevant for both.

This is my last project as a member of the design team and I would like to thank everybody involved with Off The Rails Scrapbooking for making my time here so enjoyable. Thank you to Amanda Sousa for giving me the opportunity to work with such a fabulous group. Thank you to the hard working admin that keep the group going and also to the awesome design team, past and present. Finally, thank you to the members for sharing your beautiful work.

I'll be seeing you around the traps.

Cheers from Wendy xx