Thursday, October 29, 2015

Today is Nicole's tutorial

Adding Texture on a Mixed Media Canvas by Nicole Doiron

Hello to all my dear fabulous readers at Off the Rails Scrapbooking!

here today to share with you a step by step tutorial
on how to create lots of texture on a mixed media canvas
that I created for the October mood palette challenge.

Without further ado, let's get on with getting our hands messy!

First step, I added a heavy coat of acrylic gesso on my canvas
that will help seal all the different mediums that I've added on after.

A little Distress Crackle Paint is always a good way to add a cool effect
on your base.  It creates cracks in your paint when dry.
I later on realized that the colour wasn't exactly what I wanted
so I covered the beige spots with white paint but the cracks still showed through
which is what is awesome about crackle paint!

I then used 2 of my favorite stencils and with thick molding paste,
I added some nice designs to my canvas.

Next up was time to add colour.  This process is always very long for me as
I normally have no clue what I'm doing and what final result I will get.
The main thing is to not think too much about it and not be too hard on yourself.
There is ALWAYS a way to fix any spots on your canvas that you don't really care for.
Here, I sprayed on some Perfect Pearls Mist.

I then dabbed a lot of Distress Stain on to the stenciled design.

Here, you see the aftermath of many spritz of Heidi Swapp Colour Shine
which are some of my favorite mists.  I then used my heatgun
to dry all these different products in order to go on to the next step.

I dabbed on some liquid glue here and there on my base
and then sprinkled on  and glitter.  Then, using my finger (I told you 
it would get messy!), I mixed up the sparkly stuff with the glue 
to make sure that it got really stuck to the canvas, 
in preparation for the heat gun. 

Even after all that, I just didn't have enough texture,
so I used some more crackle paint, this time in white.

 Finally, I dabbed on some acrylic paint, metallic aquamarine and white,
all over my canvas.  I always use lots of white paint all over my projects...
it blends together every colour so nicely and gives a lovely whitewash effect
which I just love.

Here are 3 close-up details of the added texture:

This is my finished project which you have seen during the mid month reveal:

Did you like my tutorial today?
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Have a fabulous creative day!!


  1. Fabulous tutorial Nicole and just adore your canvas :)

  2. Stunning canvas and I love all that texture!

  3. Wow Nicole - what a fab tutorial and stunning canvas!

  4. So much great knowledge. Thank you for sharing your tutorial and the final product is amazing!

  5. Loved your tutorial, such fun to look at & I really adore your finished canvas. Fabulous!!