Thursday, September 10, 2015

String Art

Joan here today sharing a tutorial for “String Art“. An easy technique but a little time consuming.

1) Draw a circle on the back of your paper, mark the circle at equal intervals. Pierce the marks with a paper piercer or a sewing needle.

2) Tape the end of your string/floss near any pierced hole on the back of your paper. This will be hole #1. Bring your string/floss up from the back of your paper through hole #1 to the front side of your paper. Count 10 holes on the front side of your paper and take your string/floss back down through hole #10.

3) Pull your string/floss up through hole #11 and down through hole #2. Repeat this process until you have completed the circle. The string/floss will go through each hole twice.

(For this “So Cute” page I used a 9 inch circle and made my piercing at 1 inch intervals).

Changing the intervals or the number of holes skipped will provide different outcomes.

(For this Puddle Jumper page I used a 9 inch circle and made my piercing at ¾ inch intervals.)


  1. Fabulous tutorial Joan - This is definitely going on my "Try" list!

  2. Thank you for reminding me of that technique. I used to make greeting cards in Holland 20 years ago and I did this on a smaller scale. It's very effective and easy. I'm definitely going to use it on one of my lay outs!