Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Playing With Color Bloom Spray Mist

Hello All, it's Deena here with you today.

Just recently I finally gave in an brought the Color Bloom Spray Mists from Prima. My will had been strong until I put my name down for a class that is happening in November. In the class the sprays will be used. So me being me I needed to know what they were like and what they did and I thought I would share the outcomes with you all.

Products Used: Color Bloom Spray Mist -  Soft Teal, Brush Chrome, Deep Teal, Tangerine, Summer Sky and Cobalt. Mixed Media Paper, TCW Stencil - Mini HalfTone Circles, Clear Crackle Paste, Clear Gesso, Texture Paste, White Gesso, Matte Gel and Gloss Gel.

1. I applied clear crackle paste to the mixed media paper with a palette knife. I wanted different thinknesses of paste which I let to dry naturally. Letting it dry naturally usually produces better cracks. Once dry I sprayed it with the Soft Teal, which really didn't show up much so then with Soft Teal in one hand and Deep Teal in the other I spray them so that they would mix. I then dry them with my heat gun which resulted in this yummy background that I am sure will get used for a card at some stage.

2. To my mixed media paper I applied clear gesso with a brush. Clear Gesso really does not take long to dry at all. With the sprays it says that you can get splatters and all over coverage. To get the splatter result as seen below, you just don't squeeze the trigger as hard, makes perfect sense. Brush Chrome is the color used. 

3. I applied texture paste through my stencil, which I let dry naturally. I was in no rush to dry it immediately as my 2 children are on school holidays so I have been in and out of my art space during the day, catching a few minutes peace when I can. I sprayed the texture paste with deep teal and to be perfectly honest I did not expect an all over coverage, I did not think that it would stick to the texture paste. In fact I actually had too much and press the paper into my art journal so I now have the start of a new art journal background.

4. The background below was achieved by applying a layer of gesso with a palette knife that was dried with a heat gun and then spraying Tangerine. Not sure why the color is more intense in some places than in others as it was an all over coverage, but such a pretty result, it sort of reminds me a gem stone. I wonder what I will embellish this with?

5. This has to be my favourite back ground out of all the experiments that I did. It is a layer of matte gel applied with a palette knife to the mixed media paper. It was left to dry naturally. I then sprayed Summer Sky, this again was left to dry naturally. I did end up using my heat gun but only right at the end just to finish it off. 

6. My last medium I used was a Gloss Gel Medium. I didn't do an all over coverage again I played with the Cobalt splatters. Once the spray was dry I rubbed it with my finger which resulted in movement of the spray. The movement of the spray didn't surprise me as you can usually wipe away most paints and sprays from the Gloss Medium and as you can see in the last photo I wiped it as clean as I could get it.

Thank you for reading through my ramblings and I hope some of them were useful.


  1. I have also been resisting but my resolve is slowly weakening. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Thanks heaps for sharing your 'ramblings' Dee! Those backgrounds are divine! I reckon I like the texture paste one the best, particularly as you were able to get a 'stamp' off it into your art journal! Wonderful post!