Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Funk Background

Hi everyone Tina here, today I thought I'd share with you a really fun background I created.

 I used lots of different mists and mediums, and the part I love most is that you never know exactly how it will turn out!

I used Glitter Gel and Light Paste through stencils using a palette knife.  Allow to dry, or if you are impatient like me, use a heat gun.  Holding the heat gun close to the medium will cause it to bubble, creating extra texture!

Repeat the process using White Sand texture paste, and then with modelling paste.  dry completely before the next step.

Stamp using Leafing Size, allow to dry slightly until tacky, and apply gold leaf.  Brush excess off using a dry paint brush.  Spray different mists, I used Lindy's Stamp Gang Starbursts (which show the gorgeous shimmer on the black), and Flat Fabios (in pastel chalk colours)

Add some sequins, photos, and mistable ephemera pieces and you are done. 


  1. Awesome Tina.. Thanks for sharing all those background techniques. Definitely a few things to try.