Friday, January 23, 2015

Gelatos Part 2: watercolour with gelatos

Hi everyone!

I have a super easy yet super fun technique to share with you today - using gelatos as watercolours.

First, prepare your page with gesso, so you don't get a crumbly mess. 

(This is a page I primed ages ago and it's been pressed against an completed page when my journal was closed, hence the specks all over it!)

Then, wet your paint brush and brush it on the tip of your gelato to release the pigments. 

 Then, just dab it on your page, no rhyme or reason, just keep dabbing til you see an effect you like. Get more water on you brush and pick up more colour from time to time.

Repeat the process with as many colours as you like for your project. Wait for one colour to dry before adding another colour over the top, otherwise the colours will just mix.

Once you've got the desired look for your page, you can create splatters. I just drag the brush across the tip of the gelato and keep the movement going above the page, and droplets of colour fall off and splatter on the page.

And there you have it, a background done and ready to journal on :) 

Have fun experimenting with your gelatos, and don't forget to share with us on our Facebook page if you give this technique a go!

Catie xo

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