Sunday, December 28, 2014

Packaging Transfer Technique by Sanna

Hello there! The other day while I was creating a layout, I finished a sheet of word thickers and was left with a piece of white shiny paper the thickers had been attached to. I also had some ink daubers standing on my table. That moment it came to my mind that I might be able to use the white piece of packaging paper like a craft sheet. So I tried how it would work.

I wiped some dauber ink onto the surface and then pressed a piece of white paper onto it. Worked really well! 

There even was enough residue ink left over to take a second "print". This time the colour was not so strong anymore and you could even see the forms of the thickers peeking thru the ink on the paper - can you see the slight heart pattern on the background?

I even made a third generation background from the same inked area. There the colours and patterns are very soft, but I find it still makes a great background. Since this piece of paper is punched, the ink also seeped into the lines where the words used to be and created additional deco elements. So I fussy cut the heart and used it on one of the cards as an embellishment. 

Then I just glued the pieces on my card bases and decorated them. This is how they turned out:

For this card I used only a piece of that inked paper, stamped with a script stamp over the ink and added some doodling around the edges. I also added a piece of glitter tulle and some leftover butterflies I had punched out previously from other leftover paper pieces. 

This card background is made form the second generation print and I added some faux stitching around the big heart and then drew some additional stitched hearts here and there. After that I added some melted silver crayon droplets and various embellishments. By the way, the flower is punched from paint sample sheet. I used two different colours, layered them over each other and fastened them together with a brad.

This card is made from the first generation print. I have added some stamping, yarn and silver wax crayon as decoration. I also layered some older flowers to a bigger one and added a brad on top. See the white heart in there? that is the one I fussy cut from the sheet :). So I have again managed to accomplish some serious stash busting with these cards. Hope you get inspired and have some fun with your stash!! 


  1. What lovely cards and great way of stashbusting.

  2. Great idea! Love how you used the paper to create such beautiful cards!