Monday, September 22, 2014

Using Colours Outside Your Comfort Zone

Hi everyone! It's Catie on the blog today and my turn today to share a project with you. I've done an art journal page using colours that I'm not naturally drawn to. I tend to lean towards blues and greens, so this time I've mixed it up a bit by throwing in some pink (I REALLY don't like pink!), yellow and orange.  Here goes!

1. I didn't prime my pages this time... Just raw, blank pages 😊
2. Gelato goodness!
3. Colour blocks of gelato around the page - the beauty of gelatos is you can just go crazy with colour, and it all looks fab!!
4. Blend using a wet wipe.

1. Put some gold gelato around the edges of the pages.
2. Blend for a subtle border.
3. Define the areas of colour with black gelato.
4. Blend/smudge with wet wipe.

1. Water colour stick...
2. I coloured the edges of the blocks of colour on the pages, then...
3. Using a water colour brush...
4. ...blended the water colour into the gelato.

1. Mixing some colours to get a shade more suited to that of the gelato.
2. And blend.
3. The water colours subtly add a bit more colour at the outer edges of the blocks of colour.
4. Then, using stencils and white gel pen (which I later went over with Posca pen so it can be seen!!)

1. I just coupled circles around the pages...
2. Then added a little detail to them to make bubbles.
3. Then some stamping... 
4. ...and some doodling.

1,2,3: more stamping and doodling.
4. Adding some more definition to the bubbles with silver pen.

1&2. Sharpies for the title work.
3&4. Stencils and whipped spackle for some more dimension on the page. 

1. Stencil work and stamping.
2,3,&4. Water colour paint splatters.

And, voila!

Hope you've enjoyed the process for creating this page. 
Thanks for looking xo


  1. very nice. love the colorful backgrounds. I shall try for own art journal.

    1. Thanks Carol. Would love to see what you do :)

  2. fabulous tips using gelatos.. fun applications full of colour