Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Life

Hi, Carol here today, I want to share a small canvas project that I made using some colors from our September Mood Palette Challenge.

These colors are simply gorgeous and taking my cue from the feathers, I included in my project a bird and bird nest. 

I spread gesso and acrylic paints randomly across the canvas and misted some areas. Then I used Golden Clear Granular Gel to create transparent granular surfaces. You can see those "pebbles" like stuff on the blur and brown paints. Love exploring and playing with different mediums.

Using some stamps, I created more details to the background before add the gauze, laces and flower vines.

For the Dusty Attic chipboard window, I painted it with Shimmerz Paints TextureZ Patina and Gritty Graphite. The texture is amazing. I don't have to add more details to it.

Here you can see the Clear Granular Gel effect on the brown and blue paints. They really look like pebbles.

Then I added a resin bird cabochon and a plastic white miniature bird and Prima bird nest to symbolise new life. There's a meaning to this canvas. I wanted to show that out of the old and broken comes new life. Well, I hope you all can see the "meaning" because my hubby don't get it. LOL!!

I hope you like my project and do join us in our
Have fun!