Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another Use for Lero Glue

Hi OTR scrappers, Fiona here with you to share another way to use your Lero glue. For those who haven't used Lero before, it's a gel glue that can be removed without leaving a mark. I often use it to "place" my embellishments before adhering them down properly. it's really good because if you don't like where something is, you can just pick it up and move it but everything stays put in the meantime. Anyway, I'll show you how to use it as a resist as well.

I've chosen "Umbrella Man" from Tim Holtz's Dies. He's so adorable and I've got an idea in mind! I cut him out of a piece of chipboard.

And then stuck him down on my art journal page with the Lero glue.

Then I've used the Lero glue to cover any sections I don't want ink to stain. You can see in the pic I've smeared it under the umbrella and around his head. You need a fairly generous layer so it's easier to peel off at the end.

I stood my art journal up and using some watered down Dylusions sprays, began the fun!!!

See how it resists where I've put the Lero? Even if you get some on that area, you can just lightly dab it off with a wet wipe. Don't rub or the Lero will come off.

I also used some watered down Black Gesso and white drawing Ink to add to the "rain" as well as to paint the umbrella man and patch up the space where the Lero was.

I added some die cut clouds to the top of the page and it was all done.

An awesome affect.

So there you go. Another way to use your Lero glue. Any rubber based, removable glue will work but I've only ever used Lero. I would love to know if you have one that you use.

Have fun giving this a go!

Fiona xx


  1. Fiona you're the only other person I know of that uses this glue. I used to use it all the time as my main adhesive but I found it didn't hold over time. I love that it's removable though. And what an awesome way you've thought of to use it!

  2. What a brilliant use for Lero, I used to use Lero glue all the time too but also had the same problem of not holding over time but still use it, especially with cards or for temporary placement of embellishments but have had difficulty with sourcing a supply recently. Can;t wait to use Lero as a resist resource.