Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alpha Alert---missing letters!

You know what I'm talking about, right? Those PESKY alpha sticker packs NEVER have enough As or Es or those particular letters you're after.  Right? Well, a bit of lateral thinking doesn't go astray!
Here's some ideas you might find useful:
I had ALL the other letters but 'S'. So I used a DIFFERENT 's':

Sometimes you can use OTHER letters instead. For example:

The upside down 'V' creates the 'A' & instead of using a full word, I've used 'text speak'....!!!

The 'A' is an upside down 'V'. The 'W' is an upside down 'M'....& the 'S' is actually an 8 that has had it's innards cut out:):) Thinking out of the box can work REALLY well!
Here's another idea:

I didn't have an 'E'. They ALWAYS run out I used an 'L' & added two horizontal strokes with the white pen. Ta-da! Not only solved, but I get to use up other letters that would likely be left getting dusty!
Of course, you can simply mix up your alphas alongside stamps & word stickers:

 Or, one final idea - change a '3' to an 'E':

Thanks for looking ~ I hope you find this helpful ~
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Fabulous Lizzy! What a great tute this is! And what it is about the lack of E's? Some of the better brands give extras but many don't.

  2. These are very good ideas, and there is never enough 'e's in any packet of alphas!! Thanks for sharing Lizzy!

  3. Ah look at the two of you, so relaxed and in tune. Great alphas tips to stretch the supplies and a fabulous boy page again Lizzy - I love the big swirls of yellow and the sticky beaks. :D

  4. So true about running out of just the letter you want, but you have solved the problems perfectly with all these great ideas