Saturday, July 5, 2014

Using a Colour Wheel part 2 - Triadic Colour Schemes

Hello OTR friends. Fiona here again sharing with you another of my Colour Wheel tutorials. This time I'll introduce you to "Triadic" colour combinations for you to use on any of your projects.

 Now, a Triadic colour scheme is when you split the wheel into thirds as shown below. It is always either a trio of Primary, Secondary or Tertiary combination. Never a mix of different ones. That's a completely different colour combination process all together (next time). For now we'll just focus on the Triadic combination. 

As you can see on the colour wheel below, the top triangle highlights Red Violet and the other two colours highlight Blue Green and Yellow Orange. The yellow and blue are the two other tertiary colours that then creates a Triadic combination.

You begin by choosing your base colour. The combination I worked with for this project was the Red Violet base Triadic. Red violet is a tertiary colour so the other two colours will be tertiary also. 

Now I'm not a lover of triadic combinations and you won't find many of them in my projects (just my personal preference) but they do work. I think some work better than others. I'm not a fan of the Red, Blue and Yellow (Primary) triadic but with the right photo or on the right project it does work really well. I do love the Violet, Green and Orange (secondary) triadic combination and I've used it before with great success. But this time I've tried the Red Violet, Blue Green and Yellow Orange.

My art journal page uses a combination of Red Violet (Fuchsia) Blue Green (Turquoise) and Yellow Orange (Gold) and they look awesome together.

I hope you've enjoyed my second tutorial on colour wheels. Next time I'll share with you some ideas around using Analogous colour schemes.

Fiona xx

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