Thursday, July 17, 2014

Button Art

Hi everyone!
Sue Plumb here today with a simple, cheap and quick little project idea you can use for decorating your home, or even as a gift for someone. I love having "pretty" things around me, especially ones I have made myself, so I put together these very simple framed button art sentiments to display in my home.

To create your own button art you will need:
- photo frame (these frames were $2 each from a cheap shop but you could even re-purpose one you have laying around)
- cardstock
- assorted buttons
- adhesive (I used glossy Accents)
- rub-ons or stamps

Here's how to do it:
- Remove glass from frames and cut cardstock background to fit.
- Print (or draw) a heart shape sized to fit and cut it out. (Don't throw the paper away!)
- Use the negative from the heart cut out as a stencil over the cardstock and fill the shape with buttons, then glue them down. (Make sure you shuffle them around until you have them placed correctly before you start to stick!)
- Once dried, add a stamp or rub-on sentiment, then place back into the frame.

Voila! Your own piece of original framed button art! Try different shapes, sizes, sentiments or colour combinations to create your own custom look.
(This is a great craft to let the kids try too!)
Happy creating!
Cheers, Sue X


  1. These look really lovely! I have 1000's of buttons I reckon! I should do something like this!

    1. Thanks Lizzy! And yes, you should! It was very easy to do and looks really it's a great way to use up some of those 1000's! ;)

  2. so cool, I´ve wanted to do something like this for a while..thanks for the inspo!!!

    1. Thanks Sanna! I hope you do, I would love to see something you make! X