Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cool Technique from Fiona

Hello peeps, Fiona here with you today to share a really cool technique of how to transfer patterned serviettes onto your cardstock. I've had a bit of a fascination with using serviettes for a while now. There are so many different ones available and they are cheap! So I've been experimenting with different ways to use them in my scrapping.

Serviettes, like tissue paper, can become difficult to work with because they are so fine. Often the paper becomes very soft and tears easily or the colours in the serviette run due to the moister applied and honestly, other than the old Modge Podge and  paper mache technique, I hadn't really explored it any further. I felt I needed to expand my repertoire. So I went a Goggling and I discovered this ........

How to transfer a serviette onto cardstock!

You will need;

Cling Wrap
Baking paper
An iron
A smooth sufrace to iron on (I used my butchers paper pad)
Some card stock and
a patterned serviette

Begin by placing a layer of baking paper onto your paper pad/firm protected surface.

Then your cardstock.


Next, cover the cardstock with cling wrap.

Most serviettes are 3 ply, so you'll have to remove two layers off the back or until you can see the pattern through the serviette. Almost translucent.

Once separated, place the patterned piece face up on the cling wrap.

Finally, cover with another piece of baking paper. It's a bit like making a sandwich lol!

Now it's time to iron!
This is my "craft" iron. It's pretty old so it's permanently set on "high" which means I'm not sure what heat setting you'd want to set your iron on. I'd assume no steam and about medium (cotton) heat setting.

As you iron the baking paper, you'll see your cardstock begin to show through as the heat reacts with the cling wrap.

Peel back the top layer of baking paper to see if all of the edges have stuck. If they haven't, replace the baking paper and continue ironing.

Once you're satisfied it's all stuck down, remove both the top and bottom layer of baking paper.

Your cardstock should be stuck well and truly to the serviette.

All you need to do now is trim the excess,

and you end up with a piece of patterned cardstock which you can now use in your scrapping!

It is so tough in fact that you can run it through a die cutter. You could also emboss it, ink it or stamp it if you wanted to. I chose to cut some pretty butterfly's out to add to a card.

 And here is the card I made using the butterfly's cut from the serviette cardstock.

This is a great technique for using up scrap pieces of cardstock or creating a whole 12x12 background for a layout. Next time you're doing your grocery shop make sure you check out the picnic section to see what serviettes are in stock. I hope you have fun with this one xx


  1. Wonderful, thanks for sharing.. and yes there are gazillions of serviettes that are so pretty and readily available too!

  2. Oh gosh Fiona! How did you even come up with this idea? I'll give this a go tom :))

  3. OOOOO that's an amazing technique. TFS!

  4. I am a serviette fan but never knew how to use them. Thanks for such a great idea. I will definitely give this a go.

  5. Wow how good is that ~ I must try ~ thank you so much for sharing :)

  6. Lovely, thanks for the tutorial!!! I must try it!!!