Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Repurposing Household Goodies

Today we have Lynn sharing an exciting tutorial with you.
Repurposing Household Goodies

Yup. You read that right. 
Household goodies to help with dimension and texture on your pages.
I started with the patterned paper from Studio Calico and I eventually turned it so the strips became horizontal.

Household items - bag s that hold potatoes (yellow) avocado (green) and red onions (purple) have these lovely mesh bags that allow them to breath. Prior to tossing them out cut out pieces because they can add a lovely texture on your page.

I adhered the top and bottom of the mesh with removable adhesive and used modeling paste. This gives it a nice bumpy texture. You can also use paint and gesso but because they are really wet, I use a stippling brush because that allows me to control the amount of paint better and doesn't leave a big blobby mess when you pull off the mesh.

I placed the mesh through the center of the page and using a popsicle stick smeared it over the mesh.

Smooshing it in making sure to actually get it in the mesh.

Does that not look really cool. The avocado bag has more of a triangle look to it that the potato and onion bags that are more square.

I decided some glitter was needed and shaking it over it - the modeling paste will actually adhere the glitter to itself and takes only a few minutes to dry.

I broke out the watercolors because they are a. very forgiving, b. give me more choices and c. if you get your brush really juicy you can make it run just like mists.

These are artist loft watercolors that I purchased from Michael's awhile ago. 

You can also change the colors- making them as bright or soft as you want.

Look at the lovely colors - which I took from the photos.

And the toilet paper roll - so great for adding more texture and another shape to your page. Paper towel roll can be used - I like the toilet paper roll because its smaller and easier to store. 

My orange paint is really old and goopy but worked just fine. It made the rings wide and thick.

Just stamp the toilet paper roll down and you may have to twist to get a good circle.

 I actually like when they don't come out so perfect. Using the same colors as the watercolors I added green and orange circles around the page varying them about so when I put the photos and embellishments on they are not all covered.

I also decided drips were required. Just keep adding more water to the watercolor paints and tip your paper around. Most of these got covered.

I added the photos and a few final touches to the page and love the result. 
The mesh is easily cleaned by just washing it out with water.

That's my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter learning to snowboard.
She's an adrenaline junkie like her parents and was annoyed when they
wouldn't let go of her so she could "go fast."

I hope that this tutorial gets you thinking outside the square as I know it has for me.
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