Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fabric Circles

Good Morning.

Today we have the clever Felicity sharing with us a tutorial on using fabric for your cards, layouts or mixed media projects.

Step1  : First I got out some of y vintage fabric from my stash. Because this fabric is 100% cotton it tears easily, so I tore a stripe about 2.5inches. By also tearing my fabric it gives the edges a little fray edge instead of a neat cut edge. With me there?? LOL.... to start to tear, just snip the end with scissors and then tear all you like!!

Step 2: I then used my sewing machine and stitched a long stitch along one side. Don't reverse stitch the ends and make sure you leave a long tail of thread when you finish.. you will see why in a second.

Step 3. Now using the bottom thread (the bobbin colour). Pull it gently so that it starts to gather. You might need to move the gathers with your fingers done the fabric and even them out. But really, its all personal choice how you like it :)

Step 4: Now we will create a little circle with the fabric now gathered. If you like you can stitch over the gather to hold it, for you like me, just create the circle and hope for the best!! tee hee.. Now add either a little glue to the ends or machine stitch it together.

Pretty cute uh!!
Hope this inspires you to try something different with fabric!

Felicity XO

To find out how Felicity uses her fabric circle on her card please come back on Friday for the reveal of the new card challenge

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