Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tutorial by: Felicity

Hi. Its Felicity here today to share with you a little step by step on our to create a little book paper feather with watercolors to go in your embellishment or card.

Step 1: First I tore out an old page and put gesso down. Then using a pencil I started sketching a feather out.

Step 2: Once I was happy I then drew around the feather with black pen

step 3; I then got out my peerless watercolors and started coloring it in. I started with my lightest color first and work my out with darker colors.

step 4: Then I just went over the feather outline with my black pen to make it pop a little more.

Now add it to your cluster.

I hope that inspires you today to get your pencil and watercolors out :)



  1. That is really lovely, thanks for sharing!

  2. OH wow! You make it look sooooo simple. And the end is sooo gorgeous.

  3. Easy peasy idea, but one I would never have thought of & it looks delish!!! Thanks for sharing:):)