Saturday, January 25, 2014

Erin's Tutorial

Paint Splatter Tutorial with Distress Stains by Ranger

1) Supplies Paper and Distress stains by Ranger - I am sure this works for other dauber type products I have just not tried them yet.  I figure this out by happy accident on this layout.

2) When you press the dauber bottle stain comes up to the top of the bottle, if you stop pressing an just turn the dauber over and touch the paper you get a circle as seen below.

3) If you ink up the top of the dauber just as in step 2, but this time tap the paper with the dauber you get splatter as seen below.  The harder the tap the more splatter effect.

4) If you hold the dauber tip to the paper and press the container to release the ink you get a puddle of ink on your paper - this could be good for drip effects if you lift your paper up vertically to let the puddle drip down.

5) If you press the bottle and tap you paper at the same time you are releasing ink and causing the splatter effect for a even more intense splatter effect.  Below are various intensities and pressure applied to the bottle of splatters I achieved.  

These splatters are super easy and super fun - I would just suggest to practice on scratch paper before doing it to your projects until you get the hang of it.